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Breast Elastography A Literature Review

This review on magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) of the breast provides an overview of available literature and describes current developments in the field of breast MRE, including new transducer technology for data acquisition and multi-frequency-derived power-law behaviour of tissue. Moreover,.

  • Both strain elastography and shear wave elastography have been shown to have high sensitivity and specificity for characterizing breast lesions as benign or malignant. Training is important for both strain and shear wave elastography.

  • Ultrasound elastography is a cheap, readily available, useful, quick, noninvasive method, but it needs specific training as well as acknowledging technical and pathological factors, which may...

  • Abstract Breast elastography has been available for more than 15 years but is not widely incorporated into clinical practice. Many publications report extremely high accuracy for various breast elastographic techniques. However, results in the literature are extremely variable.

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